British Hospital:

Comprehensive redesign of processes associated with medical management

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Consulting services were provided for the hospital’s health plan. Such services focused on identifying improvement opportunities and making changes in areas related to medical expense control and management.

Process Management
Process Management

Consulting assistance and core process service management reengineering, including processes of personnel hiring, agreement management, and benefit authorization and payment.

Assistance in defining coverage plans’ and fee schedule scope.

Change Management
Change Management


We develop innovative products with high added value

Process Management

Process Management

We optimize processes for business efficiency, flexibility and predictability reducing time and costs. First there is a review of current processes, which can be partial or comprehensive based on scope.

Moreover, we try to define a business process assigning tasks and people in charge of them for interaction with other processes. That way the company’s value chain is optimized. Then a process improvement plan is developed by using better market practices tailored to a specific industry.


Project Management

Project Management

We provide assistance to oversee improvements associated with project management.

We suggest methods to be applied for IT solution selection and deployment.


Change Management

Change Management

It focuses on guiding people through organizational changes reducing resistance to change and increasing commitment to and support of change initiatives.

This is accomplished by means of actions associated with:

  • Communication and integration,
  • Impact analysis,
  • Training,
  • Post-deployment support.


IT Solutions

IT Solutions

We offer consulting services for selecting and assessing integrated management system solutions, such as ERP and CRM, which supplement deployment of products in our area of expertise.

We develop solutions that address your needs and include the latest mobile and web technologies.




Web solution for package delivery, distribution and tracking

  • Gestión de Procesos
  • Gestión de Proyectos
  • Gestión del Cambio
  • Soluciones Informáticas

Swiss Just

Indicator dashboard and order taking system

  • Gestión de Procesos
  • Gestión del Cambio
  • Soluciones Informáticas


Monitoring system for agro operations

  • Gestión de Procesos
  • Soluciones Informáticas



  • Gestión de Procesos
  • Gestión de Proyectos
  • Soluciones Informáticas

Young & Rubicam

Monitoring of creatives' calendars

  • Soluciones Informáticas

British Hospital

Comprehensive redesign of processes associated with medical management

  • Gestión de Procesos
  • Gestión del Cambio


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