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Misiones Automotive

The Provincial Automotive Tax is a singular tribute, because, although it is originally provincial, each of the tasks related to its management and collection is delegated to each of the municipalities of the province.

Furthermore, it has a high impact tax for the common citizen, since it generates the character of taxpayer to any person who owns a vehicle of their ownership.

For this, 2 fully integrated platforms were built, following the latest design patterns, which allow both the taxpayer and the municipal agents to carry out operations related to the consulting, payment, collection and accountability circuits of the provincial automotive tax.

DirMOD was called to lead the digital transformation of part of the province´s tax management, looking forward to provide a service to citizens, balancing the needs of taxpayers, the provincial tax agency and municipalities.


More municipalities are suscribed every day and from December 2020 there are 8 municipalities adhered and the rate of adhesion is accelerating, seeking to cover 70% of the province by the fourth quarter of 2021.

More than 10,000 taxpayers have already enjoyed the benefits of using Automotive.Missions as a means of paying the tax.

Hundreds of administrative users from the different municipalities have access to relevant information to facilitate collection just one click away.

Possibility of remote management to taxpayers, without the need to approach the municipality in person.

Agility in the allocation of payments, as it is done automatically, without the need for duplication of operations.

Public Sector
Public Sector
ATM is the tax agency of Misiones. With the aim of modernizing municipalities to increase collection, the objective of bringing the digital transformation closer was set, the final users are the taxpayers of the 77 municipalities of the Province of Misiones.