Action technical characteristics:

 AWS Api Gateway

 AWS Route 53

 AWS DynamoDB

 AWS Lambda


User Validation System – Kaizen Gaming

The renowned gaming platform Kaizen Gaming arrived in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to launch the betting house “Betano” in the market. The team was faced with the challenge of ensuring the authenticity, residency, and legal age of users registering on their website. Given the sensitive nature of their industry, it was essential to comply with rigorous security protocols.

Faced with this issue, Kaizen Gaming sought an effective solution that would allow them to validate the accuracy of user data quickly and reliably. Therefore, DirMOD, with its expertise in cutting-edge technology, identified the need to develop integrations with reliable institutions such as RENAPER to automatically validate the information provided by users during the registration process on the website.

Through the implementation of AWS services, DirMOD implemented the corresponding integrations. This ensured that only those who met the requirements could access Betano, thus guaranteeing a space of total trust and security.

DirMOD leveraged a diverse range of AWS services to ensure the effectiveness and security of the “User Variation System” project for Kaizen Gaming.

From using API Gateway to manage and protect APIs, to implementing Lambda Functions to execute code without the need to manage servers, each service played a crucial role. DynamoDB provided a scalable and high-performance database, while WAF defended the website against potential malicious threats. Additionally, Route 53 facilitated DNS traffic management and domain name resolution.

This combination of services not only ensured a robust and reliable infrastructure but also allowed for significant cost optimization by adopting a serverless architecture, providing Kaizen Gaming with a solid and adaptable solution for their user security and authentication needs.

Achieved Objectives:


Validation Effectiveness:

A high percentage of successful validations was achieved, ensuring that only verified users can access the website correctly.

Site Availability:

A seamless user experience was ensured by maintaining a high level of website availability, with minimal downtime and fast server response times.

Cost Optimization:

Significant reductions in infrastructure and operational expenses were achieved by adopting a serverless architecture. Additionally, costs for storage, computation, and data transfer were minimized.

Infrastructure Security:

Compliance with AWS’s best security practices was maintained, including regular security patch updates and proper configuration of access controls.

User Experience:

User satisfaction was increased by simplifying the registration and identity verification process, providing a secure and user-friendly platform.

This project illustrates how the combination of advanced technology and reliable AWS services enabled Kaizen Gaming to effectively address its security challenges, ensuring a secure and authentic user experience for its customers in Buenos Aires.