Action technical characteristics:

Amazon EKS
Amazon Auto Scaling
Amazon CloudFront
Amazon S3
Amazon CloudWatch
Amazon Aurora
IaC Terraform

Tierra del Fuego Election Platform

The Judicial Power of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica, and South Atlantic Islands has the mission of promoting and guaranteeing coexistence within a framework of peace and legality for all citizens of the province. On a daily basis, it works to ensure access to prompt, equitable, and effective justice.

During each electoral cycle, they faced the problem of potential cyber attacks that could hinder the development of democratic processes.

In response to the need for improved security, DirMOD arrives in partnership with AWS to materialize the migration of the system. Thus, creating a new standard for future implementations and a beacon of how cloud services are the solution to many complex challenges that were difficult to address in the past.

DirMOD has designed the necessary architecture for the Judicial Power of Tierra del Fuego to provide significant improvements in scalability and resilience, thereby enhancing the robustness of their system.

To meet all our client’s requirements, we designed and implemented an architecture aimed at providing automatic scaling and multi-AZ resilience through Kubernetes using Amazon EKS. As for the database migration, we utilized an RDS Aurora Cluster with read-only replication to improve response times and data availability, opting for the operational efficiency of managed services. To achieve our high security standards, we relied on AWS services such as WAF and GuardDuty. Additionally, ISTIO was used as a service mesh to expose services to the application load balancer, and the cloud front was employed for the front-end of the migrated applications to significantly reduce response and loading times for end-users.

Each step was built as IaC using Terraform, allowing the client to close/delete services and redeploy them consistently without overhead following best practices.

Finally, we configured a CloudWatch-based dashboard for service monitoring and governance.


  • The migration of 4 production workload applications to AWS was completed in less than a week.
  • 140,000 voters were served without delays or issues.
  • Average response time of less than 950 ms for all customer-facing applications.
  • 15% reduction in maintenance costs of the on-premises IT infrastructure.
  • A disaster recovery plan was implemented, eliminating the need to expand the data center.
It is important to ensure that electoral processes unfold smoothly. Being able to access the necessary technological advancements to safeguard their integrity is crucial in these times. By having access to the right tools, the quality of the results can be substantially improved.
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