AWS Consulting

The adoption of AWS cloud can provide sustainable business advantages. Supplementing your team with specialized skills and expertise can help you achieve these results. We collaborate with your team and the chosen member of the AWS Partner Network (APN) to carry out your company’s cloud computing initiatives. Additionally, we provide guidance through our specialized global practices, spanning various solutions, technologies, and sectors.

Solution Practices:

Migration and Infrastructure Building:

  • Migration from on-premises infrastructure to AWS
  • Implementation of hybrid cloud architecture
  • Infrastructure development as code

Application Migration: Automate and expedite the migration of applications to AWS.

Application Modernization: Innovate, enhance business agility, and reduce costs through refactoring, architecture renewal, and modernization of applications, including legacy core applications.

Cloud Development:

  • API Gateway: Routing – Authentication and Authorization – Data Transformation – Caching – Monitoring and Analysis – Traffic Control – Versioning.
  • Lambda: Serverless – Event-Driven – Automatic Scalability – Pay-per-Use – Multi-Language Compatibility.
  • Amplify: User Interface – Authentication and Authorization – Serverless Backend – API Integration – State Management – Deployment Tools – Additional Features.
  • DynamoDB: NoSQL – Automatic Scalability – Low Latency – Flexible Data Model – Automated Management – Integrated Security – Events and Triggers.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: Leverage expertise and best practices in machine learning and data science to accelerate business transformations. (Generative AI)

DevOps: Streamline DevOps by leveraging best practices in automation, continuous integration and delivery, and engineering.

Security: Achieve the required level of reliability and technical capability to migrate your workloads with more stringent requirements to the AWS cloud. – CLOUD SECURITY

Data: Centralize information from various sources, using appropriate and optimized data architectures in the cloud infrastructure. Choose and implement the right AWS custom database service to meet the unique requirements of your application for functionality, performance, and scaling.

Management and Governance: Deploy automated, robust, and agile IT operations and governance capabilities optimized for the cloud.

Well-Architected Framework: A set of best practices to help clients design, build, and operate applications in the cloud efficiently, securely, and resiliently.

Financial Services

Utilize AWS cloud to enhance security levels, reduce costs, while simultaneously increasing agility and improving customer experience.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

Work with AWS for a wide range of activities, from basic storage to clinical information systems and high-performance computing.

Automotive Sector

Utilize AWS cloud to provide secure and highly available services that support the changing requirements of the automotive industry, from supply chain agility to connected vehicles.


Electricity, Oil, and Gas

Utilize AWS cloud to facilitate secure and reliable business innovation across multinational offices and remote locations.


Utilize AWS cloud to develop intelligent and connected products and services, and to drive increased efficiency across all your operations.


Harness AWS cloud-based telecommunications solutions to accelerate the pace of innovation, enhance agility, and confidently scale.


Utilize AWS cloud to accelerate software and hardware innovation with secure native cloud capabilities.

Consumer Products

Enable comprehensive supply chain visibility, a unified view of customers, and operational capabilities in packaged consumer goods, retail, travel, and hospitality.

Public Sector

Utilize AWS cloud to reach your constituents more effectively and better achieve your primary mission.