Action technical characteristics:

Amazon S3
Amazon ECS
AWS Fargate
Amazon Rekognition
Amazon CloudWatch

Beneficiaries – Evolucion Seguros

With over 70 years in the insurance market, Evolución Seguros is committed to providing quality services tailored to the needs and expectations of all its clients, offering them peace of mind and security through effective solutions.

For continuous improvement in its Life Insurance service, Evolución Seguros aimed to digitize and automate the authorization and declaration processes for beneficiaries. Through a user-friendly self-management system, policyholders would no longer need to visit physical offices, while also reducing the risk of potential fraud.

DirMOD embarked on the task of systematizing the process using digital forms, ensuring the highest level of security through biometric recognition and digital signatures.

To fulfill the requirements from Evolución Seguros, Dirmod designed and implemented an architecture aimed at providing auto-scaling and multiple availability zones for resilience through containers using Amazon ECS and Fargate.

Furthermore, Amazon Rekognition services were utilized to develop the biometric validation module, allowing for identity verification of an individual using selfies and real-time proof of life tests.

Each step was built as Infrastructure as Code (IaC) using Terraform, enabling the client to shut down/remove services and redeploy them consistently without overhead, following best practices.

Lastly, a CloudWatch-based dashboard was set up for governance and service monitoring.


  • Agility in access through the application and/or website.
  • Transition from physical to digital forms, providing convenience to users.
  • Enhancement in security through the use of digital signatures and biometric controls.

Starting from the need to formalize security in processes as sensitive and specific as those addressed in Evolución Seguros, the digitization and modernization of its systems achieves compliance with the established standards.