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Assessment Infrastructure – Exanet

Exanet is a leading company in Argentina, Chile, and Uruguay that focuses on security technologies, cybersecurity, and business analytics for retailers and smart cities. They work with renowned brands to enhance quality of life, security, and productivity.

Managing their costs on AWS was their biggest challenge. With constantly growing development and production environments, the company needed a robust strategy to keep costs under control without compromising quality or efficiency.

DirMOD stepped in to efficiently apply the AWS Well-Architected Framework. Prioritizing cost optimization, a detailed diagnosis of Exanet’s development and production environments was conducted.

To achieve cost optimization, a variety of AWS tools and services were employed. The key services used primarily included AWS CloudWatch, AWS Cost & Usage Report, AWS Cost Explorer, AWS Budgets, and AWS Cost Manager.

As a first step, monitoring was decided upon to detect any potential performance issues in real-time, enabling quick actions through AWS CloudWatch.

AWS Cost & Usage Report provided Exanet with a detailed and customizable view of their costs and usage on the platform, allowing for precise tracking of cloud expenses and informed decisions for resource optimization.

To identify high-cost areas, an intuitive exploration and visualization service, AWS Cost Explorer, was included in the solution.

AWS Budgets were used to set spending limits and configure alerts to maintain control over cloud costs and avoid billing surprises.

Furthermore, AWS Cost Manager facilitated precise expense tracking and supported decision-making.

The project was distinguished by significant cost savings, efficient resource management, and strategic collaboration. This underscores the importance of customized solutions and the tools provided by AWS to achieve financial efficiency and sustainable success in the cloud.


  • Detailed and active cost limits and alarms.
  • Significant cost reduction in AWS environments. Some examples:
    – 63% reduction in Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud costs
    – 64% reduction in Amazon Simple Storage Service costs
    – 59% reduction in Amazon Virtual Private Cloud costs, among others.”

This type of technological solutions not only significantly improve the profitability of organizations but also free up financial resources to invest in innovation and thereby generate continuous growth.