Action technical characteristics:

Amazon S3
AWS Cognito
 Amazon QuickSight
Amazon RDS

Management Platform – Legal Run

Legal Run is a company focused on the digitization and automation of legal processes. The solution being addressed aims to unify and track lawsuits, documents, and cases managed within the application.

It was necessary to eliminate 100% of paper usage and achieve a 50% acceleration in lawsuit management, primarily through the creation of custom dashboards. The digitization of processes results in significant gains in efficiency and cost savings.

Once again, DirMOD, with the assistance of AWS services, successfully developed the appropriate mobile web solution, achieving the expected integration across more than 60 legal portals.

DirMOD decided to use a combination of AWS services to address Legal Run’s specific needs.

For secure and scalable storage and management of data, including documents and all information related to legal cases, S3 (Simple Storage Service) was utilized. RDS (Relational Database Service) was also relied upon to provide a scalable and highly available database. User authentication and authorization, a crucial aspect of the project due to the essential need for secure access control to the platform, were achieved using Amazon Cognito.

Additionally, Amazon QuickSight provided the project with business intelligence and data visualization capabilities. The creation of interactive dashboards and reports significantly assists users in gaining valuable insights from their legal data. Integration of QuickSight with other AWS services also facilitated data-driven decision-making, accurate tracking of case progress, and the identification of trends in judicial management processes.

The collaboration between Legal Run, DirMOD, and AWS results in a highly efficient and technologically advanced solution for the legal industry, capable of overcoming traditional challenges and improving operational effectiveness.


  • Setting a precedent in a necessary technological solution to achieve automation in the legal sector.
  • Unification and traceability of lawsuits, documents, and case records.
  • Elimination of paper usage in judicial processes.
  • The ability to make data-driven decisions, monitor case progress, and identify trends in judicial management processes.

DirMOD created an innovative solution capable of accelerating lawsuit management, leading to significant cost savings and resource reallocation. Once again, technology contributes to the improvement of process efficiency and effectiveness.